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Slides Images Copyright & Description

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A list of copyright information and image descriptions for the images in our front page slider.

Image 1: A photo of actress and wheelchair user Shannon Devido in a New York Park, smiling at the actress, Jennifer Suter, who is on one knee, holding out a lollipop.

The photo is from the short film, Nance + Sydney by director Dominick Evans and writer, Ashtyn Law.

Image 2: The photo shows actress and comedian Maysoon Zayid, a Palestinian American actress with Cerebral Palsy. She is smiling and standing outside the exterior for what looks like a hospital. Above her head, it says, “General Hospital.”

Credit goes to Maysoon Zayid.

Image 3: A screenshot of the set of the music video, “Spaces” by James Ian. The video was directed by Dom Evans, and Zach Merck. The photo shows James Ian, a Black disabled man sitting on a stool and a microphone on a stage in Hollywood, California. He has lights shining down in various positions around him, and a guitar amp in front of him on the stage. There is some set equipment and a brick wall behind him that was added with set design.

In the foreground is Dom Evans, a trans director who is on an iPad directing from his bed in Michigan. Dom is a white, trans person with dark hair wearing a a teal polo. They are wearing black, rectangle glasses.

Image 4: An image of a performance piece called MAHAWAY with Alison Cook Beatty Dance. It features a variety of bodies, including disabled people, some ambulatory and at least one motorized wheelchair user (Alejandra Ospina) and one manual wheelchair user. Others in the photo include Kitty Lunn and several others of whom are guest performers from Infinity Dance Theater.

The dancers are mostly wearing black, although some have animal looking prints. Those wearing black are wearing black masks over their eyes, in those wearing animal prints are wearing animal looking masks over their eyes. The wheelchair users are on the outside, and everyone is leaning inward, some with their hands reaching out. Some are upside down, and as you get into the center you see those dressed more like animals (like a cheetah or leopard). Everything any image seems to be pointing towards the center.

This was performed on June 28-29, 2019 at the Riverside Church.

Credit goes to Paul B. Goode.

Image 5: A photo of the “Spaces” music video. Black disabled singer and actor, James Ian, sings. He is wearing a jacket with a black shirt beneath and a tan brimmed hat. In the background are a bunch of Polaroid photos of disabled people. There is a vast diversity of people, though it’s hard to make out who because the background is blurred a bit.