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Dominick Evans

Dominick is a multiply disabled, non-binary, trans, and queer filmmaker, writer, speaker, consultant, Mixer streamer, and activist living in Michigan, who was born in Toledo, Ohio. He started acting at the age of 10, and eventually got his BFA in Film from Wright State University. While there, he devoted much of his workload towards independent studies, particularly those involving representation of disability and other marginalized communities.

In 2014, he started #FilmDis, a then weekly Twitter chat, which discussed representation in all forms of media. He has spoken on and moderated panels at New York Comic Con, mentored young disabled media makers at the White House through Lights, Camera, Access 2.0, and speaks regularly at universities around the country including recently at Princeton, about representation of disabled and LGBTQ communities. His work has an intersectional approach, and he frequently refers to other disabled and/or LGBTQ media makers in his work.

Dominick is the director of the short films trip, Syd + Nancy, and the web series, FaceSpace. He collaborates exclusively with his writing and directing partner, Ashtyn Law. When he is not working on film and speaking, he occasionally consults for film and television, including shows on networks like Netflix. Dominick also is involved in live streaming on Mixer, where he plays games and hosts podcasts/web shows about the media, gender identity, sex and sexuality, and disability.

Dominick believes that all disabled people who want to be involved in media should have the opportunity to do so and works towards raising the voices of other disabled people, mostly those also multiply marginalized, with whatever platform he has.

Website link: http://www.dominickevans.com

Ashtyn Law

Ashtyn is a multiply disabled bisexual woman, who was born in Flint, Michigan. Ashtyn went to school for screenwriting, and has goals of getting her Masters in screenwriting, as well. She has been writing since she was young, although she always thought she would prefer writing books over screenplays. Helping Dominick do all the physical requirements of his film degree pretty much cemented that screenwriting was what she wanted to do. A huge fan of television, Ashtyn is working on writing multiple television scripts, and hopes to begin development on themsoon, as well as co-writing and co-directing two new short films, Inamorata and Overture.

Ashtyn is the writer of the short films trip, Syd + Nancy, and the web series, FaceSpace.Shehas also produced multiple short films, and even had a part in the web seriesFaceSpace playing Farmer Jen! Ashtyn works as a full-time writer, doing tech writing, when she is not screenwriting. A very eclectic writer, Ashtyn has written for major websites including She Knows, where she wrote about sex and sexuality, and for B5 Media, where she wrote about sports and true crime. Today she writes for private clients many of whom she has written for, for years.

Ashtyn plans to start streaming on Mixer in the coming new year. She often appears on Dominick’s stream, and streams with him every Monday. Ashtyn usually prefers more casual gaming. Fiercely funny, Ashtyn often brings in audiences with her wit and humor.In her free time, Ashtyn likes to play games like Farm Together and The Sims 4.

When Ashtyn is not writing, she does script reviews and consultations for other screenwriters. She used to work with major television networks like HBO, Showtime, CBS, and ABC, as well as movie studios that includedUniversal and 20th Century Fox reviewing films, television, and other media. If she is not watching or writing television, you might just catch her on the podcast DISrupt the Media, a podcast about disability in the media.