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An image that looks like a title page for a script. The text is a typewriter script type font that reads, "Script Consultation with Ashtyn & Dominick"


An image that looks like a title page for a script. The text is a typewriter script type font that reads, “Script Consultation with Ashtyn & Dominick”

FilmDis has worked with many different studios on a variety of projects offering our insight on disability representation and inclusion in Hollywood and beyond. Some of the major studios we’ve worked with include Lionsgate’s film department, HBO PR, Microsoft and Sony gaming, and Netflix television showrunners.

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve the quality of your short film, feature film, videogame, web series, or TV series. As more and more media floods the market, it’s imperative to have a story that stands out. One of the easiest ways to achieve this simple goal is to create authentic portrayals of your characters. That’s where FilmDis can help you. We offer the following services that can help you succeed at all phases of your production.

Script Consultation – Two Options

Disability Only Consult: We will go through your script from top to bottom and let you know how you can improve your disability representation. We will discuss characters, dialogue, and all aspects dealing with disability, so you have a clear idea of what you have and how you can improve upon it.

Full Consult: We will go through your entire script and tell you how to improve on your disability representation, but also the rest of your film or series as a whole. This will include multiple pages of notes to share thoughts on how to improve dialogue, character development, story progression, and more. All elements of your script will be explored, broken down, and analyzed so you have the best tools necessary when crafting your media project.

Each project is different, but we’re here for whatever you need. We offer consulting from the idea phase and brainstorming, all the way through to the review of your final script. We also can consult on scripts for regular airing television, web series production, and more. We’re happy to consult on a specific version of your script or to include consultations through script updates until your content is made.

Casting Consultation

It cannot be stated how important it is to cast authentically. With that in mind, we’re happy to help with casting needs by putting out calls to disabled creatives, consulting on auditions via tapes or in-person auditions, or whatever else you might need to create a more authentic representation of disability.

On-Set Consultation

If you need consultation throughout the entire process, we are also happy to work with you for on-set consultation. We welcome with disabled actors, the director, and anyone else who needs our expertise when it comes to representation and inclusion.

At FilmDis we want to help create a world were disability representation is celebrated and we look forward to helping you to make that happen!